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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 5

Yesterday night a wonderful night again, coz we went through the policy & plans of Nepal Govt. for the year 2011/12. The Royal Challengers" were the crew to go with the article & some Royal luxury as well. indeed the first competition was the debate in between "free market economy" & "mixed economy". it went really good but the winner were from the next group who were speaking for "Free trade" against " protectionism".

a next session from the very experienced professor went really boring due his late arrival, dizzy kind of presentation skill & same old mentality. but after filtering, we got something regarding the monitory policy in nepal.

after lunch, the hard work of late night reached its battle field i.e. the time for presentation & we were numbered as the final team to present the theme which went really wonderful & really the term "critical thinking" was expressed

Day 3

i used to woke up not before 9am but here the trend ended with the woke up time of 6am. a full phase shower & heavy loaded breakfast & session again was in the schedule. at the same time, i can see the name Prof Adrew Pettit Morriss form University of Alabama, USA.
As the debriefing session ended, the giant guy entered the seminar hall with a big yellow bag on his right hand. & after some moment we came to know that he is the person, Prof. Morriss.
i really felt awesome when those participants who used to shout a lot & make a lot of disturbance in the session were quiet & the reason was later discovered that the lecture he gave went out of their mind.. :P

as the night went on, after the dinner "OP-eD" was the thing to be written which was taught. indeed the new experience to go thru. liked it & as always i'm never ready to write but here i had to & i made it.

contd.. .. day 4

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 4

Prof. Andrew Prttit Morriss, the tall, white, fat guy who was really interesting in his sessions. Today, he was dealing with the argument “Externalities, Coase and the Problem of Social Cost”. Here he deled with the scenario of Free Market. at the mean time, he referred the webpage www.perc.org for some more information related the free trade stuffs & more.
"tragedy of Commons" was the new tern he gave us. "which belongs to everybody that belongs to no body"; is the exact term it defines. example: the public road or highway is the property of all but when its about maintaining it, everyone starts passing the ball to the next person's hand.

at the mean time for its practical knowledge, he made us play the game such that considering a big paper as the Ocean, where there are lots of Fish (there few crakers were used) & we got to fish them. at the first 30s, the fish we fished are marked as 1 point & in the second 30s will carry 3points per fish. few team fished the fish in the first fishing period & few waited for the next fishing circle. the winning theme made people to just collect as much as crackers but they forgot the ocean & destroyed. that simply proves the "tragedy of commons"

the deputy director of FNCCI, Ratish Basnyat arrived with lots of real scenario in Nepali market regarding industries, competition, and lots more. the interaction with him made me clear about the history of the nepali scene & indeed knew that the turnover need to be 10,000,000 of the company in 1 year, to be the member of FNCCI Nepal.
beside it, he differentiated the FNCCI of Nepal & other countries Chamber of Commerce & Industries.
this was a trouble day coz 3 assignments were assigned, 1 of public policy of nepal; 2nd was of debate & 3rd was article analysis.

but the day ended with 2 victory between us in 2 activities done.

Contd.... for tomorrow

Neetishala Day 2

i completed my Hangover 3 @ PKR but wished for the Hangover 4 @ Neetishala 2 but unfortunately we couldn't make it yet. although the talk till late night made me feel so sleepy but got to wakeup very early was one more challenge for me which i accomplished.
early morning Break @ Tea breakfast was done & here come the lecture time, in fact the session period.

Here comes, Dr. Mahesh Banskota, Dean, School of Arts, Kathmandu University.. .. indeed a GREY hair person. But the ideas he delivered directly hit the mind which was really adding value for me & my vision of thoughts regarding policy & stuffs.

the lecture of Dr. Bhola Nath Chalise went awesome & gave a lot ideas regarding policies in nepal & its implementation.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Neetishala Day 1

Samriddhi, a same old familiar name but “Neetishala- the public policy discourse” was something new with more expectation.
Saturday, July 23, 2011 was the day when I reached Dhulikhel Village resort with all the people selected for the campaign.

Heard about policies, rules, public policy & lots more whenever I reach to any coffee station in the market, but I’m here to learn about it.

The very first session from Mr. Sagar Prasai , deputy Country representative, The Asia Foundation was the person who described about “Basic of Policy”
1. Why it is needed?
2. How to add new policies?
Those were some of the question, which were on my mind hitting before he arrived. But as he arrived, his questions “Where is public in public policy?” & “Where is policy & public?” made me out of the mind.
Moving further with the session, the arguments regarding the need of Policy were discussed. It’s needed, sometime to regulate things, to solve problems, guide decisions and lots more. For eg; marriage policy in South Africa, loan interest subsidy by NRB due to maximum investment in real state in Nepal.

While talking about where does Public lies on Public policy, the discussions came-up with some thoughts as listed below
1. Problem settlement (like poverty eradication)
2. Analysis {causes, response, cast, capacity, tools, institutions}
3. Articulate the policy
4. Implementation & enforcement strategy
5. Monitor (how it functions)/ evaluation/ refine

To derive the policy, little stuff to consider might be the facts, values, worldview, rationality, temporality, deliberation and lots more.

On some ways, now I can say that the Policy refers that “Public policy as government action is generally the principled guide to action taken by the administrative or executive branches of the state with regard to a class of issues in a manner consistent with law and institutional customs. In general, the foundation is the pertinent national and subnational constitutional law and implementing legislation such as the US Federal code. Further substrates include both judicial interpretations and regulations, which are generally authorized by legislation. Other scholars define it as a system of "courses of action, regulatory measures, laws, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives." Public policy is commonly embodied "in constitutions, legislative acts, and judicial decisions."

But right after this session, another glass of “Public Policy Advocacy” was broken over my head with the thoughts of Mr. Nirajn Rai, Program Officer of The Asia Foundation. He had his different thought prospect of thoughts. What is Politics, why it’s needed & rest of “Wh” questions were introduce regarding Politics. At the mean time even “Democracy” was not forgiven.
“Public Policy” is a purposive and consistent course of action produced as a response to a perceived problem of a constituency formulated by a special political process and adopted, implement by a public agency.”
The mean time, the idea of “8th fold path” of Public policy was introduced, of which the procedure is bulleted below:
1. Define problem
2. Assemble evidence
3. Construct alternatives
4. Criteria for evaluating alternatives
5. Project outcomes
6. Tradehouse
7. Decide
8. Tell a story
Regarding advocacy, policy comes on 4 stages:
1. Agenda setting
2. Formulation in action
3. Implementation & enforcement
4. Monitoring & evaluation

At the end of all these policy talkies, we need to be some creative resulting the campaign registration for these 6 days @ Neetishala.
Adding some more, we were screwed with the “critical analysis” regarding “Why economic Growth matters?”

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

mr nepal 2011 controversy

feb 26 is the date when Mr Nepal 2011 was organized after 6 years of its discontinuity. but as expected from the very early days of its grooming session that the title has been sold, it was proved on the date of finale @ Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi. Organizers Dinesh Shahi, Chadani Lamichane, Prabesh Giri & the organizing company Xpose Nepal Dot Com & In Style; every contestant of this male beauty pageant are unsatisfied with them. The same day on the event, Second runner up Aashis Luitel & First runner up Kuber Tamang rejected the title they awarded & res of 40 contestants supported them, adding others also rejected the sub-title they granted. Bishan Shrestha was hit by the cops & other guys on civil dress such that he got admitted in emergency till 12 midnight the same day. Manish, the next guy has lots of boot stripes & stick stripes on his body.
The next day, all 40 contestants get together for a press meet @ Reporter's Club, Putalisadak revealing all the facts regarding Mr Nepal 2011. Contestant added "In the finale date, why the name of the organizer was written as Dinesh Shahi rather than previously told companies "Xpose Nepal DOt Com" & "InStyle"?" the question strikes to everyone. In all the grooming session taken by Dinesh Shahi, he always used to threaten the contestant saying if you hit me once i'll hit you twice, i'm not that poor to sell the title on couple of thousands neither i'm that rich to afford loss in the event. there are millions of question infront of the organizers but since the pageant day all the organizers are out of reach; their office are closed, cell phone is switched off & even they are not willing for the press conference.
Another participant Bijay Sharma added on the meet that he was bargained for the title for 185,000 once 250,000 & finally informed that the title has been sold on 500,000. As he came to know this, he shared this fact to his competitor friends. On the group discussion, when the same question was asked with one of the organizer Dinesh Shahi, he replied the same words of two shot against one and rich&poor things. During the training session Bijay was the same person who asked Dinesh Shahi, " Will there be a fellowship dinner on the date of finale?" & was replied " forget about the dinner, on that day i suggest you all if you believe you can win, dont forget to carry 500or1000 in your pocket so you could run away from the venue that day coa there might be disturbances there. His future forecasting came to truth, resulting the people who are supposed to give security to the main event of the ceremony i.e. the contestant; the organizers run away from the venue & the participant was hit badly.
Why all these kind of events have a lot of controversy all the time, the only answer is M-O-N-E-Y.. .. .. .. ..