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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

mr nepal 2011 controversy

feb 26 is the date when Mr Nepal 2011 was organized after 6 years of its discontinuity. but as expected from the very early days of its grooming session that the title has been sold, it was proved on the date of finale @ Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi. Organizers Dinesh Shahi, Chadani Lamichane, Prabesh Giri & the organizing company Xpose Nepal Dot Com & In Style; every contestant of this male beauty pageant are unsatisfied with them. The same day on the event, Second runner up Aashis Luitel & First runner up Kuber Tamang rejected the title they awarded & res of 40 contestants supported them, adding others also rejected the sub-title they granted. Bishan Shrestha was hit by the cops & other guys on civil dress such that he got admitted in emergency till 12 midnight the same day. Manish, the next guy has lots of boot stripes & stick stripes on his body.
The next day, all 40 contestants get together for a press meet @ Reporter's Club, Putalisadak revealing all the facts regarding Mr Nepal 2011. Contestant added "In the finale date, why the name of the organizer was written as Dinesh Shahi rather than previously told companies "Xpose Nepal DOt Com" & "InStyle"?" the question strikes to everyone. In all the grooming session taken by Dinesh Shahi, he always used to threaten the contestant saying if you hit me once i'll hit you twice, i'm not that poor to sell the title on couple of thousands neither i'm that rich to afford loss in the event. there are millions of question infront of the organizers but since the pageant day all the organizers are out of reach; their office are closed, cell phone is switched off & even they are not willing for the press conference.
Another participant Bijay Sharma added on the meet that he was bargained for the title for 185,000 once 250,000 & finally informed that the title has been sold on 500,000. As he came to know this, he shared this fact to his competitor friends. On the group discussion, when the same question was asked with one of the organizer Dinesh Shahi, he replied the same words of two shot against one and rich&poor things. During the training session Bijay was the same person who asked Dinesh Shahi, " Will there be a fellowship dinner on the date of finale?" & was replied " forget about the dinner, on that day i suggest you all if you believe you can win, dont forget to carry 500or1000 in your pocket so you could run away from the venue that day coa there might be disturbances there. His future forecasting came to truth, resulting the people who are supposed to give security to the main event of the ceremony i.e. the contestant; the organizers run away from the venue & the participant was hit badly.
Why all these kind of events have a lot of controversy all the time, the only answer is M-O-N-E-Y.. .. .. .. ..

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