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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 5

Yesterday night a wonderful night again, coz we went through the policy & plans of Nepal Govt. for the year 2011/12. The Royal Challengers" were the crew to go with the article & some Royal luxury as well. indeed the first competition was the debate in between "free market economy" & "mixed economy". it went really good but the winner were from the next group who were speaking for "Free trade" against " protectionism".

a next session from the very experienced professor went really boring due his late arrival, dizzy kind of presentation skill & same old mentality. but after filtering, we got something regarding the monitory policy in nepal.

after lunch, the hard work of late night reached its battle field i.e. the time for presentation & we were numbered as the final team to present the theme which went really wonderful & really the term "critical thinking" was expressed

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