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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 3

i used to woke up not before 9am but here the trend ended with the woke up time of 6am. a full phase shower & heavy loaded breakfast & session again was in the schedule. at the same time, i can see the name Prof Adrew Pettit Morriss form University of Alabama, USA.
As the debriefing session ended, the giant guy entered the seminar hall with a big yellow bag on his right hand. & after some moment we came to know that he is the person, Prof. Morriss.
i really felt awesome when those participants who used to shout a lot & make a lot of disturbance in the session were quiet & the reason was later discovered that the lecture he gave went out of their mind.. :P

as the night went on, after the dinner "OP-eD" was the thing to be written which was taught. indeed the new experience to go thru. liked it & as always i'm never ready to write but here i had to & i made it.

contd.. .. day 4

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